Galls Headlight Flasher Wiring Diagram | Wiring Diagram

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Galls Wig Wag Flasher with Built in Switch. Turns ordinary headlights into a wig-wag flashing system! This one-piece unit with built-in switch mounts conveniently inside your vehicle. Alternating flash pattern produces 2 flashes per second for eye-catching additional warning power.

We used them on quad headlight police cars all the time with no problems. The old Dunbar-Nunn Unitrol Model 131 headlight flasher kit came with the long can HD 537 as standard. It also used a relay and could be controlled with a SPST switch. It handled all the switching needed to deal with headlights on, etc.

Whelen uhf2150a Wig/Wag light module ( Better Than a BRAND NEW Headlight Junky DIY guy 4,749,268 views. 10:34. 2016 4runner - 50" curved windshield led bar install and hidden wiring

galls headlight flasher white 3 led grill light so you should be cutting one wire in your headlights directly behind your bulb (NOT THE BLACK ONES) just colored (positive) ones and connecting either end to the colors i stated above. dummy proof diagram with colored wires Share. Share this

Selling my wig-wags that I had on my Silverado. This is the Flasher unit that makes your highbeams flash in an alternating police pattern (see video link) I would like $60 shipped or if you are local I can install it for $120. I dont have a wire diagram for this but I can try to explain it as best as possible.

SoundOff was the first to work with Chevrolet and Ford to develop Plug-in Flasher systems exclusively designed for specific "Police Package" vehicles created for the law enforcement community. These vehicles have built-in wiring that our flashers simply and easily "plug into" which will almost eliminate installation time and insure wiring